Welcome to Seed Life, LLC.

Seed Brought Us Together, Life Keeps Us There

Seed Life is a talented group of seed professionals coming together to better serve the Illinois farmer. Seed sales and seed treatment are our main focus, and our biggest goal is to connect our growers through what we call "Seed Life”.

Connecting People

Family and friendships is what life is truly all about. The people that always have your back no matter what, and the ones that have your trust in the highs and lows of life. They're your biggest support during your struggles, and yet your biggest cheerleaders during moments of triumph. The Seed Life family is committed to ensuring the future of your "circle" and being an extra shoulder to lean on.

Common Goals

Success doesn't happen without hard work and dedication in this industry, and your success is the most important measure of ours. While you're working hard to get great yields, we are working just as hard to earn your trust and acres, year after year.

Committed To The Future

The more things change, the more they stay the same! While we are committed to being on the forefront of technology and advancements, you won't see us sell you something that doesn't bring you and your farm value. No matter how things advance, our core values will always remain the same. You can trust in us!


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Katie Dowson
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